Delivery Policy

Thanks purchasing our services at operated by Workgate Invest S.R.L.

Having received a request from the individual client about the desired position and place of work, our team of professionals starts preparing a resume and start looking for possible options. We inform the client about open vacancies, help prepare and post resumes, organize an interview with the employer and prepare the client for the interview.

Having received a request from the corporate client, we study the labor market, consult the client on labor legislation, develop job descriptions and help to identify vacancies on the Internet, pre-select and analyze resumes of candidates for vacancies, recruit staff for vacancies.

We can take a prepayment from the clients in the amount of 250-500 EUR, then after employment, the client is charged in the amount of a month’s salary.

The service is delivered to the client within 1 month.

All communication with clients is convenient for the client of their choice – by phone, email, Skype, messengers (Viber, Whatsapp, and Telegram).