Transfer of personnel search to us

Transfer of personnel search to us

We will tell you in what cases it is necessary to do it.

  • The company’s entry into the market, the launch of a new product, project, or business expansion;
  • The need to hire a large number of employees in a short time;
  • Lack of an HR Department or lack of internal resources for recruiting employees;
  • Temporary increase in recruitment volume (seasonality, new project);
  • Desire to reduce costs and optimize the recruitment process;
  • The concentration of HR Department resources on higher priority tasks, with the full or partial transfer of recruitment to a reliable provider.

Advantages of recruitment in our company

  • Save time on the selection of mass and project specialists;
  • Measurable result. The work is carried out according to strictly approved KPI/SLA indicators with the customer;
  • Budget optimization-reducing internal and external costs;
  • Clear budget planning. The customer knows the cost of the project.
  • Using best practices to implement a specific project-taking into account 25 years of experience in recruitment and 15,000 + closed vacancies, we offer the best and most effective solutions;
  • Individual approach. The team only works with vacancies of one client, so our involvement is 100%.

Example from practice:

We are ready to help you, look at the situation, it may seem similar to your

The client had to attract additional staff in a short time – more than 150 people. At the same time, the untimely implementation of the project threatened to lose a large production order.

Focusing on the client’s request, an exclusive team was assembled, which promptly started searching for staff. At the same time, the team worked only with client vacancies, which ensured 100% engagement. The entire recruitment process was carried out in close partnership with the client’s HR Department, and candidates were approved directly with the functional managers of the departments where specialists were hired/selected.

As a result of the project:
  • 99% of vacancies were closed within the specified time frame. The client received candidates approved by functional managers.
  • Close contact between the team and the customer allowed us to minimize the selection funnel and reduce the search time for a candidate by 24%.
  • The customer’s HR Department evaluated the results strictly according to the agreed KPIs. The project’s success rate reached 98%.
  • The HR Department was able to devote much more time to adapting new staff.
Global expertise. We are a part of the European Union Association. For more than 10 years, our company has managed local and international projects in more than 40 countries. Our experience and connections: almost 20 of our colleagues can work for you if the project requires it.
Reliability. Workgate - Invest is an international company with strict internal controls. We always prefer a reliable option to a cheap one. We will prepare the documentation for you in accordance with all legal requirements.
Experience. Workgate - Invest is part of one of the largest recruitment agencies. We offer more than 10 years of experience in recruitment in the European Union.

Complementary services

Recruitment for entry-level positions

We act as a filter for you. On average, from 300-400 candidates to meet with you, 5 will be selected who fully meet your requirements and are ready to start working.

We guarantee that you will receive the first candidates within 1-3 days.

Even for entry-level jobs, we use:

  • Individual interview;
  • Elements of competency interviews;
  • Collecting and checking recommendations.

Closing entry-level positions in all professional fields:

Sales: Sales representative, Regional Manager, Sales Specialist, Sales Development Specialist, Sales Manager, Territorial Representative, Analyst.

Marketing / Advertising/PR: Junior brand manager, Community specialist, SMM, Trade marketing specialist, visual merchandising Specialist.

Finance/accounting: Accountant, Planning specialist, Analyst, auditor’s Assistant, Finance Department Specialist, accountant’s Assistant.

Transport/warehouse/logistics: Customer service specialist, logistics Coordinator, Purchasing Specialist, warehouse Coordinator.

Production: Electrical engineer, Service engineer, line Operator, shift Supervisor/ Shift operator, quality Specialist, certification Specialist.

Law: Junior lawyer, Assistant lawyer.

HR: Administrative and HR assistant, Recruiter, HR specialist, Assistant / Department Coordinator, Analyst, HR administration Specialist.

IT: support Service, System administrator, Analyst, test Engineer.

Administrative practice: Secretary, Evening Secretary, Translator, office Administrator, Office Manager, Assistant/ Department coordinator, Personal assistant, Personal/ office driver, Travel-coordinator, AHO Specialist, Legal Secretary.

TOP management

Contacts of top managers are not publicly available. These candidates do not accept calls from unknown phones. You can’t set up a meeting with them in an interview format.

In our team, the search for top-level employees is conducted by practice managers. Each of them specializes in their own industry and is personally familiar with the top officials of the companies. To correctly submit a job to a candidate, interviews are built in the format of a business dialogue and at the same time – a career consultation.

When selecting top management, the cost of an error is high. To make the right decision, it is important to have a deep understanding of each candidate’s characteristics.

Workgate-Invest will provide you with a detailed report on the candidate’s compliance with your requirements, their work path, professional qualifications, strengths and weaknesses of character, as well as areas of immediate development.

Selection of senior managers

Open databases contain hundreds of resumes with an unpredictable level of candidates. Unsuccessful meetings take months.

Our database includes 145,000 hand-selected mid-level and senior management candidates. We personally interviewed 70,000 of them over the past 5 years. Candidates in this database correspond to the declared level.
The best employees rarely look for work themselves, and their contacts are not available in open sources. For a successful search, you need to use connections and recommendations.

The database includes 15 industry teams and 12 teams specializing in functionality. Consultants are constantly developing connections in their sector. In most cases, they already know the candidates who can fit your needs.
The specifics of a job do not always allow you to quickly find a candidate from your industry or region.

Our team accelerates the search by using regions and other industries. We are closing vacancies in 60 European cities.